What is Necessity?

Trial by jury is a basic tenet of fairness in our courts. The defense of necessity allows a person who broke the law to present a jury with evidence that they acted in the best interest of society. The rationale for this defense is that circumstances arise when the consequences of following the letter of the law are worse than the consequences of breaking it. The British legal scholar Glanville Williams characterized necessity this way: “By necessity is meant the assertion that conduct promotes some value higher than the value of literal compliance with the law.” (Arnolds and Garland) Continue reading

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State of Vermont v. Sue C. Thayer – a Synopsis

In 2002, my brother Tristan was diagnosed with leukemia. He grew and used cannabis to relieve the symptoms of chemotherapy. In 2004 Vermont passed “An Act Relating to Marijuana Use by Persons With Severe Illness” allowing for one flowering plant grown by patients with cancer, AIDS, HIV, or multiple sclerosis. Shortly before he died in 2005, Tristan realized that many of my symptoms from chronic kidney disease could be alleviated with cannabis. He encouraged me to try it, and when I did I showed dramatic improvement. Continue reading

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My Mom

My name is Winter Thayer and I am writing this first of a series of posts in honor of my mother, who is under felony indictment for cultivation of cannabis. Because she was growing it for me, I feel compelled to explain the situation. She almost lost me when I was twenty-eight days old, and I haven’t been easy on her since.  It’s a good thing she works at taking care of us full-time, because as it turns out, my brother needed her too. She has taught me that it is great to be alive no matter how tough times are.

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A Colorized Old Photograph

Aside from presenting my portfolio this was my last assignment. I had my kidney transplant in April and finished the class in June. This project was to retouch an old photograph, then manipulate it.

This is the original image.

Here is a Tutorial I made for the class: Continue reading

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