Status Conference

Today we will see where we stand at Rutland District Court. As our friend Fred Thurlow said on the phone, it should be an interesting afternoon.

I want to thank all of the people who helped us prepare for this day by donating their time, effort and resources. We are not expecting to see the end of the case today, but we will be one step closer to closure.

There will be a rally to support my mom in front of the Courthouse beginning at 2 PM, the status conference will begin at 3. People have made hand-lettered signs to hold at the rally, and there will be Friends of Sue buttons and name badges to bring into the courtroom. There is a metal detector, so remember to come with empty pockets, and if a hard wooden bench is unappealing, you may want to bring a cushion to sit on.

Deputy State’s Attorney Peter Neary insists that my mom plead guilty to a felony and be put under police supervision. My brother and I had no resource to help with the challenges we faced, my mother was meeting her responsibilities as a caregiver in the best way she could, and my doctor is willing to testify about my health and my family. The State will not allow her a defense because she grew a garden instead of going to the illegal market. What is she to do?

The cannabis my brother grew gave him strength and dignity after chemotherapy and cancer devastated his body. My mother saw how pervasive the uremia I suffered with kidney failure was, and now we see what a mishmash the State has made of the medical marijuana laws as they try to grapple with these issues. After the things she has seen, my mother will not plead guilty to being a felon, because she is not a felon.

It is time to give consideration to how to respect our seriously ill patients and be reasonable about the kind of access that we deem good enough.  Is the “pot” you find on the street ubiquitous enough, safe enough, and medicinal enough for this task?

See you in Room 2 at 3.

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