A Colorized Old Photograph

Aside from presenting my portfolio this was my last assignment. I had my kidney transplant in April and finished the class in June. This project was to retouch an old photograph, then manipulate it.

This is the original image.

Here is a Tutorial I made for the class:


1 – Use the crop tool, drag around the photograph excluding the white background. Rotate the crop area to be square with the photograph

2 – Use the clone stamp to repair large spots or scratches. Source from similar areas of the background that are unbroken.

3 – Use the healing brush to fix small spots or blemishes.

4 – Use the burn tool around washed out areas that are supposed to be dark, such as iris’, hair, and shadows.

5 – Use the dodge tool around areas that are supposed to be light, such as cheeks, and the whites of eyes.

6 – Select an article of clothing with the quick selection tool, refine the selection using the lasso tool with shift and option modifier keys.

7 – Use an adjustment layer (hue/saturation and channel mixer are good choices) to change the color of the selected area.

8 – repeat steps 6 and 7 for the rest of the clothes.

9 – repeat for finishing touches on the stopwatches and undershirts.

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