Exercise in Compositional Elements

This week our assignment was to take five pictures of individual compositional elements, and one picture including three or more compositional elements.


My dog, Russell, was standing at the door looking inside and it made a frame for him. So I got out a treat, my tripod, and had him stand there while I took this picture ↓ .

Then, I took it into Photoshop, cropped it, used Transform: Distort, and cleaned up the glass with the spot healing brush.


For this picture I looked for a complimentary color pair, I found this hydrangea and a red watering can.


I was outside looking for symmetry when I saw this face on the side of my house.



The corrugated bark of this White Ash was the roughest bark I could find.

Color, Shape, Space and Line

I set this shot up with the watering can and the water plant because they accented each other in shape and color, and the plant provided strong lines. Also, I thought the bench represented the space well.

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One Response to Exercise in Compositional Elements

  1. Clare says:

    Max, your photo of Russell and the green house seen through the windows really intruiges me! I appeciate the diptich composition and the subtle presence of the window glass and its impact on the image. Russell’s pose & expression bring it drama and narative and life. He’s the best!
    enjoyed seeing your work… Clare

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